Seriously, where does the time go

Hello everyone. I am just getting back in the swing of things. Had carpel tunnel surgery over the holidays and just started sewing again. My hand is still a little tender and aches if I try to do to much but I can’t help it. I’m adddicted.

And now my little monkey is 2yrs old and such a handful. She wants my undivided attention at all times. I can’t be anywhere near the computer or sewing machines and she thinks my ipad belongs to her. I love every minute of it. It goes by way to fast. I can’t believe it’s the end of February. I wish I had a pause button. Time flies, take it from me, my oldest is 17. I swear I just had her not that long ago :(

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Give Away Winner

Happy New Year!!!! Hope everyone had a great holiday! I have been recovering from carpel tunnel surgery so I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner of the elephant blanket and burp cloth giveaway … The winner is Erika Lynn Nagle! Congratulations!


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It’s Contest Give Away Time!

Ok everyone, Just in time for the holidays, It’s contest give away time…

From my Lil Beautique shop I am giving away this beautiful Elephant blanket and bib set. This set features a wonderful Ele Premiere Print blanket in grey with white elehants backed with white minky and 3 matching burp clots; grey and white chevron, white and grey elephants backed with white chenille.

All you have to do is leave a comment of your favorite Christmas memory!

As the holiday approaches it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of gift giving. Your best intensions become a mad dash to the mall to fight the crowds that leads to an over exhausted rude sales person with a scoul on her non-helpful face. Which then brings out the little bit of HumBug we were trying so hard to suppress.

So for now in this moment, forget all that, relax and think of that special little memorable moment at Christmas time that just always brings a smile to your face. I will start us off:

My favorite Holiday memory simple short and sweet… last year having all my girls and husband around our Christmas tree and watching their faces light up as they open their presents!


 *Terms and conditions: one winner will be picked at random on Saturday December 15th at 5pm. Set will be shipped out Monday the 17th, just in time for the holidays. Winner will be notified by Anna (me). Must enter a comment to be entered into the contest give away. 


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Great Handmade Gifts

Well it’s officially that time of year again. Turkey day has come and gone, Black Friday slipped through your hands… No worries! This year my family and I are stepping away from the big department stores and mass produced products. All gifts must be handmade or bought by a small individually owned business. What better place to start with handmade gifts than Etsy! Here are a few little finds that I just love…

As a mother this family tree necklace would be such a special gift.
Metal Memories by PC

This perfect! Teenage iPhone owner…
By Top Case


So precious for sweet babies (also available in blue)
Made By Eden Grace


Great stocking stuffers for dad
By Right Soap


Mary Jane baby shoes
By Little Pear Co


Beautiful Scarf
By Yarn Island


For all the coffee drinkers in your life
By CK Stitches

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Thinking outside the box…

So I have been racking my brain trying to figure out a creative way to package my products for shipping, without it costing an arm and a leg. I want the wow factor when my customers open their package. Up until now I’ve just been securely putting it in a plastic zip bag then in a plastic shipping bag. Yea, sure it will survive the journey through the post office and sometimes even customs, but it’s really no fun.

I thought of putting everything in a box with tissue paper… No wow factor there and shipping boxes are so expensive. Then I thought pillow boxes. Those are light weight, add some embelishments, a cute little ribbon… it could work. But after thinking about it for a few days and searching the web for the right size, I would have to order in bulk to get them at a descent price. Who wants to find store five hundred pillow boxes, who has the room. So after roaming around my local fabric/craft store for awhile it came to me…

Creative shipping ideas

I love muslin, it’s cost effective. So I wrapped the baby blanket in muslin, added a decoritive fabric in the center, some burlap twine, and three pom poms in coordinating colors hot glued to a stick and VUALA!!!
It has the wow factor I wanted, easy to make, and it’s light weight for shipping!

If you have favorite and unique gift wrap idea please share it!

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Oh How The Time Flies…

Gosh I can’t believe how quickly time flies by. I swear I thought it wasn’t that long ago when I had my little bug. I can’t believe she is 2 years old now. Just took her to her two year check up. She’s perect! Talking up a storm, naughty as naughty can be but I would not change a thing. Her new thing when saying “bye” is throwing in a “see ya”. Just thinking about her makes me smile. Love Love Love her!

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Green Elephants

This month one my green elephant baby blanket was featured on Babbles “10 Modern Baby Blankets for Spring”

I was very excited! Being someone who is just starting out I was very pleased that something I’ve made was noticed by a non friend/family member. It completely made my month!!!

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“Honeymoon Bridal Shower”

What kind of shower do you throw for a bride that doesn’t register for wedding gifts? The answer is a “Honeymoon Shower.” This is were all the guests get the bride whatever they think she will need for her honeymoon. Some minds will go straight to the honeymoon night, some minds will be very practical, and some will get very creative. Either way the bride will receive a wide variety of goodies.

Passport invitations are a great way to inform guest this is a honeymoon themed shower.

Hand painted sign by mother in law was perfect in the front yard, welcoming our guests.

Candles and flowers make great centerpieces and together they are just that much more charming.

Pom Pom DecorationsPom pom decorations are super easy to make and a great way to fill lots of open spaces.

Bridal shower, making a bouquet out of gift ribbons and toppers.

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Fun Apps

Today I discovered this new app (well, new to me). It’s called AutoPainter and I downloaded it for my iphone. Sooo amazing and fun, it converts your photos into paintings. Theres four options: Aquarell- which makes everyting kinda foggy and romanic. Benson- inspired by Frank Bensen, which is more of a sunny Mediterranean tone. Cezanne- inspired by Paul Cezanne- which more of warm reds and yellows and a soft brush stroke. And Van Gogh- we are all familiar with Van Gogh’s Starry Night and his signature swirls.

My favorite is Bensen. The app says it works best on landscape but I used it on my little sweat pea.

iphone apps

Auto Painter App

What do you think? I want to print it on canvas so I can hang it on my wall. Maybe one for my mom for Mother’s Day. I am just so excited that an everyday picture I took in grandma’s back yard with my iphone can be turned into art.

Sooo fun!

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Baby Quilt for Mia

Modern Baby Quilt
Modern Baby Quilt

I know it has been awhile since I’ve added a post. Who would of ever thought having a fourth baby and starting up an online shop while keeping my day job would keep me crazy busy. But as busy as is I had to make time to create this baby quilt for my friend Nicole. She is having her first baby girl next month and I wanted to make her something special! Taking in the colors Nicole chose for little sweet baby Mia (yes they already named her and isn’t it just the sweetest name) and moms very modern style, I wanted to create something timeless for Mia.

Since the colors were pre chosen, finding fabrics that flowed together was a fairly simple task. When deciding on which fabrics to incorporate in my quilts, first is color which was grey and citron (yellow). Second, the prints must vary in size. I like to use small, medium, and large prints together to create interest and flow. And third, something that will make the quilt pop, whether it be an applique, fabric, or color. Which in this case is the citron fabric. I chose the retro/modern wall paper look. It offered a larger print, the right color and the timeless retro/modern feel. Then I added an embroidered message.

When it came time to sew the quilt I seem to work better under pressure.. or you could just call it what it is, I am a procrastinator. Last minute me was hand sewing the trim with my little Nae Nae on my lap at five in the morning. It was worth it. Now little Mia will have something to always remember her Auntie Anna.

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