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Green Elephants

This month one my green elephant baby blanket was featured on Babbles “10 Modern Baby Blankets for Spring”

I was very excited! Being someone who is just starting out I was very pleased that something I’ve made was noticed by a non friend/family member. It completely made my month!!!

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“Honeymoon Bridal Shower”

What kind of shower do you throw for a bride that doesn’t register for wedding gifts? The answer is a “Honeymoon Shower.” This is were all the guests get the bride whatever they think she will need for her honeymoon. Some minds will go straight to the honeymoon night, some minds will be very practical, and some will get very creative. Either way the bride will receive a wide variety of goodies.

Passport invitations are a great way to inform guest this is a honeymoon themed shower.

Hand painted sign by mother in law was perfect in the front yard, welcoming our guests.

Candles and flowers make great centerpieces and together they are just that much more charming.

Pom Pom DecorationsPom pom decorations are super easy to make and a great way to fill lots of open spaces.

Bridal shower, making a bouquet out of gift ribbons and toppers.

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Fun Apps

Today I discovered this new app (well, new to me). It’s called AutoPainter and I downloaded it for my iphone. Sooo amazing and fun, it converts your photos into paintings. Theres four options: Aquarell- which makes everyting kinda foggy and romanic. Benson- inspired by Frank Bensen, which is more of a sunny Mediterranean tone. Cezanne- inspired by Paul Cezanne- which more of warm reds and yellows and a soft brush stroke. And Van Gogh- we are all familiar with Van Gogh’s Starry Night and his signature swirls.

My favorite is Bensen. The app says it works best on landscape but I used it on my little sweat pea.

iphone apps

Auto Painter App

What do you think? I want to print it on canvas so I can hang it on my wall. Maybe one for my mom for Mother’s Day. I am just so excited that an everyday picture I took in grandma’s back yard with my iphone can be turned into art.

Sooo fun!

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